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Have you given up on love?  Are you burned out on dating or the search to find Mr. Right?  Do you feel you have run the gauntlet when it comes to men?  Perhaps you have seen them all, the commitaphobes, the players, the liars, the users, the heart breakers.

Have you met a man who seemed to be perfect at first?  He was intelligent, funny, handsome and showed interest in you.  You went on a date with him and had a wonderful time.  At the end of the night, he said he would call, but you never heard from him again.

Have you been in a relationship with a man and felt he was your soul mate, the love of your life?

Everything seemed perfect until suddenly he began to withdraw.  When you tried to talk to him about your relationship it seemed to make things worse.  He turned cold.   You sensed him gradually pulling away and nothing you said or did seemed to bring him back.

Have you been involved with a yo yo man, a man who was warm then cold, close and then distant for no apparent reason.  You felt as if he held your heart on a string, pulling you back and forth, on an emotional roller coaster.

If you can identify with any of this, I can help.   Although I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, my true passion is coaching women in dating and forming healthy, fulfilled relationships with good men.  With a degree in psychology, I understand the differences between the minds of women and men.  Although the sexes are equal, our minds don’t operate the same.  That is why women often feel puzzled by the actions of men and men are often puzzled by the actions of women.  With over twenty years experience counseling women and men, I understand the things women sometimes unknowingly do that drive good men away.  I understand how to spot a man who can’t commit, has abusive tendencies or is a player.

If you have given up on love or think you have to settle for a relationship in which you don’t feel fulfilled, I can help.  Using the tools and techniques I have developed, you can have a relationship with a good man, who makes you feel loved, safe and understood.  Why continue your journey through life alone or in an unfulfilling relationship, when you can travel the road having fun with a committed companion, where everyday is an adventure in love.

My dating/relationship coaching does not involve using tricks, gimmicks or pretending.  All that is necessary is to honestly be yourself and learn to use your natural feminine mystique to attract and keep the man of your dreams.

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